Step 2: You have Partnered with a Realtor. What Happens Next?

You’ve chosen a realtor.  The next step is getting your home ready for the market. Here we go:

  1. Paperwork.  We will need to meet to fill out the Listing Agreement, Seller’s Property Disclosure, and miscellaneous required documents. We can a;so conference on the phone and you can sign electronically.

  2. Determine the date that your home will go ‘live’ on the MLS.  We will need enough time to take photographs (ideally by a professional photographer) and take measurements of each room. We will also need to write a wonderful description of your home. This is a team effort, and we can use your input about recent updates and what you love about your home.

  3. Declutter & Clean: Clean homes sell!  That’s just a plain and simple fact.  So, preparing your home is of the utmost importance.  We would rather have you delay the listing one week to have your home ‘show ready’ than have you put it on the market unprepared.  As part of our service to you, we will walk through the home and give you tips that will assist you in preparing without spending unnecessary money to do so.

  4. Protect your privacy: Negotiations can be affected if potential buyers know too much about you. For this reason, you should take down any diplomas/certifications that you may have hanging up in a home office. Also, change the privacy settings on your Facebook page so only friends can see your posts. You are welcome to mention on your Social Media page that you’re selling your home, after it's listed. be careful here though as we time things to have a BIG initial impresssion to the market. We will also utilize the 'No Show' status to your advantage.

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