Step 5: My Listing is Live on the MLS

Your home is on the market and now we are ready to work hard to bring you an offer!

  • Don’t worry if you do not have a showing right away. It takes some time for the listing to flow from the MLS to the local websites (such as NP Dodge) and then on to the national sites (such as Zillow).  In fact, it can take national sites 24-36 hours to pick up your new listing.


  • As part of our service to you, we provide access to a showing service. As soon as a request comes in, you will be notified via text, email or phone. Be prepared. It’s not unusual to receive showing requests in the morning for that afternoon or evening. Every day when you leave your home, you should leave it in show ready condition.  If that is an issue due to pets at home, kids, etc. let us know and we can require a advance notice that you feel comfortable with. Please keep in mind that we do not want to miss an opportunity for a showing (it could be your buyer, and many times they will not reschedule).


  • Once a showing request comes in, you can approve it, deny it, or ask for a different day/time. Remember, the quicker we can get buyers into your home and the fewer showings you have, the quicker we can get your home under contract, which generally equates to a better offer.  We want to make showing your home convenient for the home buyer. Most times, they are looking at more than one home at a time, and we do not want them to miss your home and write a contract on another.


  • Showings are scheduled for an hour but last only 15-30 minutes.  You should plan to be gone when they arrive and return after the end of the hour. It’s a good sign if they are still there after when you return. They must like your home.


  • When the showing is finished, the buyer’s realtor will immediately get an email asking for feedback. If we receive feedback we will immediately email it to you.  Sometimes we do not get feedback and sometimes we get negative feedback. Don’t worry. We are only looking for that one buyer.


  • Once your home is 'LIVE' on the MLS, we will send you a copy of the listing to review. Review it carefully and let us know of any errors or changes you would like. We have set number characters to describe your home, so let us know if you don’t like how we phrased something or feel that we left out an important point. As part of your team, we are working hard to sell your home and want to sell your house as quickly as you.


Questions? Feel free to contact us at 402-415-4799 or via