Step 7: Buyer & Seller Have Come to an Agreement! What Happens Next?

Congratulations! Your contract has been accepted! When the contract is fully executed (signed by all parties), the following needs to take place:

  1. Contract needs to be sent to the title companyAs your Realtors, we will handle this.
  2. Contract needs to be sent to your mortgage lender.  Again, as your Realtors, we will take care of this. The contract is sent to your mortgage lender to start the process of approval for a mortgage. Respond promptly to your mortgage lender because they will have paperwork for you to complete.  
  3. Contact your lender to lock in your interest rate.
  4. Schedule the home inspection ASAP.  See Step 8 for details.
  5. Write and drop off the earnest money check. Typically, the earnest money check is made out to the title company and is in the form of a personal check and dropped off at your Realtor’s office within one business day of contract acceptance.

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