Step 8: Home Inspection

As soon as your contract has been accepted, we will need to schedule a home inspection.  The actual time period will be clearly stated in the contract and is generally due within seven business days.  During the summer, inspectors may be booked up to a week or more in advance, so it is suggested that we make the call as soon as the contract has been agreed upon by all parties.  We can schedule your inspection on your behalf if you let us know your availability, or you may research inspectors and schedule it on your own.  See our list of recommended inspectors.

Be sure to let them know if you are planning a ‘whole house’ inspection, or an inspection plus radon test, as radon is not tested as part of every inspection.  A ‘whole house’ inspection is defined as:

“Whole house” inspections often include, but are not necessarily limited to, structure, exterior, roofing, plumbing, electrical, heating, central air conditioning, interior, insulation and ventilation. In some instances it may be advisable to consult a structural engineer as part of the inspections to the Property. Occasionally, whole house inspectors may use or recommend other inspectors in the course of a whole house inspection and they will be considered as part of the whole house inspection for notification purposes.”

Plan to attend the inspection walkthrough which will take approximately an hour. Inspectors usually only work Monday through Friday and do not work evenings or weekends so you will probably need to arrange time off work for the inspection. Inspectors typically inspect two times a day; one in the morning with a noon walk through and one in the afternoon with a 4:30 pm or 5:00 pm walk through.

Remember to bring your payment to the inspection. Once the inspection is complete, the time period for response to the seller is clearly stated in the contract and is normally three business days.  As your Realtors, we will assist you in reviewing the inspection summary and help in making decisions regarding repairs.

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