Step 8: Your Homes First Two Weeks on the Market

The first week your home is on the market is a critical time period.  Remember, it takes 24-48 hours for a listing to even hit the national websites, so the first day or two may be quiet. (market dependent)

Most people search in the MLS based on FIVE main criteria which they consider deal breakers:

  1. price
  2. location
  3. number of bedrooms
  4. number of bathrooms
  5. number of garage spaces

As you can see, the only variable that we have control over is the price. If buyers do not feel that price, location, condition, are all in line, they simply will not make an offer.

Don’t get discouraged if we don’t receive an offer immediately. Keep in mind our discussion about the average days on the market in your area. We will find the right buyer for your home.

Continue to keep your home clean and tidy. Approve as many showing requests as possible.

We may need to take a hard look at what we can do to improve the chances of your property selling.  There are four important parts to the selling process:

  1. Location of the property: we can’t change the location
  2. Condition of the property: look around and see if there is anything that you can do to change the condition of the property. You can see our Pinterest Page for ideas on how to stage your home.
  3. Marketing/photography: We may want to improve the description of your property and highlight other features of your home. We can also retake some photographs.
  4. Price: If everything is as good as the can be then we need to look at the price of your home. Reductions of at least $5k are the most effective increments to hit the next buyer group. Depending on the price of your home, we may need to reduce more to appeal to other buyers. As always we will look closely at the market data to determine how the best price for your home.

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